Keep Extending Your Content

Mar 1, 2024

When you dive into a topic section, DiveDeck.AI got some pretty cool ways to beef up your learning:

More ideas - You can branch out into subtopics right under the main one. It's a slick way to explore and learn more. Just follow your curiosity and dive deeper where it piques your interest.

Let AI quiz you - Or, you can let the AI throw questions at you. Might just help you spot some gaps in your knowledge.

Continue writing - If you're itching to flesh out an idea into a complete article, having the AI help you auto-generate the rest is super handy.

AI Chat - Got more stuff you wanna discuss or add? Chatting with the AI can help you churn out more ideas.

Take your own notes - Jot down your thoughts, insights, and any notes right in the section. Perfect for reviewing later.

We believe, no matter which route you take, it's gonna seriously boost your learning efficiency.