New Sharing & Export Features

Mar 20, 2024

Effortless Sharing with URL

With the new sharing page via URL feature, DiveDEck.AI users can now start, update, or stop sharing their work with just a click.

Seamless Export to Markdown

In addition to URL sharing, DiveDeck.AI introduces the option to export content to Markdown text. Users can choose to export an entire page or just the current page view, providing flexibility in how content is shared and preserved.

Markdown, renowned for its simplicity and compatibility across platforms, ensures that your exported files are readily accessible and editable, further facilitating the exchange of knowledge.

Why Sharing and Exporting Matter

The importance of these features extends beyond mere convenience. Sharing and exporting are fundamental to spreading knowledge. They democratize information,

Embrace these features, and let's unlock the full potential of knowledge equity.